Top 2017 Indie Albums

As December approaches, it is time to bid the crazy year of 2017 farewell --- and with a solid goodbye comes a tribute. A tribute to all the amazing artists out there who dropped, what I believe to be, one of their greatest albums. And now, with a very particular order but also in no order at all, is my list of the best 2017 'indie' albums.

#1. The Far Field - Future Islands

The far field, in my opinion is one of the most remarkable albums --- ever. I loved and overplayed, every single one of these songs. Everything about this album is absolute perfection starting from Herring's raspy flare to the melancholy tune, and ending with the remarkable cover art.

Favorite Tracks: Through The Roses, North Star, Shadows, Cave, Black Rose, Alladin

#2. I See You - The XX

They did it, The XX has finally come out of their shells. This album was the perfect mix off their classical smooth sounds with a new mix of modern upbeat beats. Not only was this album remarkable, but their 'I See You' tour was lively and, honestly mesmerizing. I completely fell in love.

Favorite Tracks: On Hold, Lips, Say Something Loving, I Dare You

#3. Everything Now - Arcade Fire

From their first single - Everything Now, it was clear that this album would be a hit. Besides that, I'm not sure how to describe this album but, I really vibe with it.

Favorite Tracks: Everything Now, Creature Comfort, Electric Blue, We Don't Deserve Love, Chemistry

#4. Her Tape #2 - Her

Sweet, soulful, and so unbelievably good, this album will forever be one of my favorites.

Favorite tracks: Jeanie J, Queens, Blossom Roses, Swim

#5. Ti Amo - Phoenix

Cheery, energetic, upbeat, a classic Phoenix album, and very well done.

Favorite Tracks: J-boy, Role Model, Ti Amo, Lovelife


I must admit, that out of all their albums, this one's not my favorite. However, it's still super good and Alt-J will always be one of my favorite bands.

Favorite tracks: 3WW, Adeline, Deadcrush,

Honorable Mention:

Wake Up Now - Nick Mulvey

Fave Tracks: Mountain to Move, Remembering, We Are Never Apart

Abandoned Mansion - Dr. Dog

Fave Tracks: Ladada, Survive, Abandoned Mansion

Sacred Hearts Club - Foster The People

Fave Tracks: Sit Next to Me, Static Space Lover

Painted Ruins - Grizzly Bear

Fave Tracks: Wasted Acres, Morning Sound

Half-Light - Rostam

Fave Tracks: Wood, Gwan, Bike Dream

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