As December approaches, it is time to bid the crazy year of 2017 farewell --- and with a solid goodbye comes a tribute. A tribute to all the amazing artists out there who dropped, what I believe to be, one of their greatest albums. And now, with a very particular order...

The Stanford Prison Experiment; a revolutionary 'experiment' that was meant to explore the effects of perceived power by following the development of roles between fake prisoners and guards. Although this experiment did evaluate the roles of social expectations, it als...

 H E R

 S P I K E  J O N Z E


P A L O  A L T O 

 G I A  C O P P O L A


    T H E  B L I N G  R I N G 

S O F I A   C O P P O L A


A D U L T  W O R L D

S C O T T  C O F F R E Y


L O V E   R O S I E 

 C H R I S T I A N  D...

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November 15, 2017

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